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" therating = cint(rs("pTotRating")/rs("pNumRatings")) for index=1 to int(therating / 2) showproductreviews = showproductreviews & "" next ratingover = therating if ratingover / 2 > int(ratingover / 2) then showproductreviews = showproductreviews & "" ratingover = ratingover + 1 end if for index=int(ratingover / 2) + 1 to 5 showproductreviews = showproductreviews & "" next showproductreviews = showproductreviews & "" if disptype=2 then showproductreviews = showproductreviews & " " & replace(xxBasRat, "%s", rs("pNumRatings")) & "" else if disptype=1 then showproductreviews = showproductreviews & " " & replace(xxBasRat, "%s", rs("pNumRatings")) & " (" & xxView & ")" showproductreviews = showproductreviews & "
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<%=replace(storeVersion, " v", "
ASP v")%>
<% if disableupdatechecker then response.write "Please contact T324 for updates.
" elseif checkupdates then response.write yyChkNew & "..." else if shouldupdate then response.write "
" & yyNewRec & ": v" & recommendedversion & "
" if securityrelease then response.write "
" & yyRUSec & "
" else response.write yyNoNew & "
" & updLastCheck & "
" end if end if %>
<% end sub if SESSION("httpreferer")="" AND request.servervariables("HTTP_REFERER")<>"" then httpreferer = left(request.servervariables("HTTP_REFERER"), 255) if len(httpreferer)>=255 then andpos = instrrev(httpreferer, "&") if andpos > 0 then httpreferer = left(httpreferer, andpos-1) end if SESSION("httpreferer")=httpreferer end if %>
<% DIM sDSN ' For help setting your database connection, please go to the following URL ' http://www.ecommercetemplates.com/help/ecommplus/faq.asp#faq8 ' These dashes at the beginning of the line mean that these lines are "comments" and are ignored. ' OLD sDSN = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("/main/boutique/fpdb/vsproducts.mdb") ' Microsoft Access 2000 using mapped path sDSN = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" & Server.MapPath("/storeinfo/vsproducts.mdb") ' Microsoft Access 2000 using mapped path 'sDSN = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\fpdb\vsproducts.mdb;" ' Microsoft Access 2000 ' Please note, for SQL Server you must have an SQL Server database available. Most people will want to use the Access database provided. 'sDSN = "driver={SQL Server};server=SERVERNAME;uid=USERNAME;pwd=PASSWORD;database=DATABASENAME" ' SQL Server %> <% Dim maintablebg,innertablebg,headeralign,maintablewidth,innertablewidth,maintablespacing,innertablespacing,maintablepadding,innertablepadding,sqlserver,nobuyorcheckout,noprice Dim mailhost,sortBy,pathtossl,taxShipping,pagebarattop,productcolumns,useproductbodyformat,usesearchbodyformat,usedetailbodyformat,useemailfriend,expireaffiliate,XXLicenseNumber ' For a description of these parameters and their useage, please open the following URL in your browser ' http://www.ecommercetemplates.com/help/ecommplus/parameters.asp 'main settings pathtossl = "https://keelausa.com/" nochecksslserver=false sqlserver=false mailhost = "mail.T324mail.com" encryptmethod="none" 'encryptmethod="aspencrypt" dumpccnumber=false currencyseparator=" " emailorderstatus=3 htmlemails=true useaspuploadforimages=TRUE htmleditor="fckeditor" defaultcatimages = "catimages/" nomarkup=true 'login enableclientlogin=true 'display - global nobuyorcheckout=true noprice=false showcategories=false pricezeromessage="Coming Soon!" noshowdiscounts=true imgbuybutton="images/buy.gif" 'display - product listing sortBy = 2 pagebarattop=1 productcolumns=3 useproductbodyformat=2 showquantonproduct=false showtaxinclusive=false showproductid=false noproductoptions=true 'display - product detail usedetailbodyformat=2 useemailfriend=true showquantondetail=true 'display - category page usecategoryformat=2 allproductsimage="" categorycolumns=1 catseparator="
 " usecategoryname=TRUE 'display - cart actionaftercart=2 nogiftcertificate=true crosssellaction="recommended" 'any or all of the following: recommended,related,alsobought,bestsellers csnobuyorcheckout=false csnoproductoptions=TRUE csnoshowdiscounts=TRUE csrecommendedtitle="Featured Product" 'csalsoboughttitle="Your also bought title" 'csrelatedtitle="Your related title" 'csbestsellerstitle="Your best seller title" allowemaildefaulton=false nomailinglist=true noconfirmationemail=true useimageincart=TRUE linkcartproducts=TRUE requirecvv=false usefirstlastname=TRUE extraorderfield1="" extraorderfield1required=false extraorderfield2="" extraorderfield2required=false 'display - other usesearchbodyformat=2 dateadjust=0 'searchbymanufacturer="Manufacturer" disableupdatechecker=TRUE 'shipping - not all possible shipping settings are listed here! taxShipping=0 upspickuptype="" commercialloc=false addshippinginsurance=0 noshipaddress=false willpickuptext="" willpickupcost=0 'misc expireaffiliate=30 overridecurrency=false orcsymbol="$ " orcemailsymbol="$ " orcdecplaces=2 orcpreamount=true termsandconditions=false invoiceheader="" invoiceaddress="" invoicefooter="" ' =================================================================== ' Please do not edit anything below this line ' =================================================================== maintablebg="" innertablebg="" maintablewidth="98%" innertablewidth="100%" maintablespacing="0" innertablespacing="0" maintablepadding="9" innertablepadding="4" headeralign="left" Session.LCID = 1033 const maxprodopts=20 ' const helpbaseurl="http://www.ecommercetemplates.com/help/ecommplus/" const helpbaseurl="http://www.T324.com/ecommerce/" Function Max(a,b) if a > b then Max=a else Max=b end if End function Function Min(a,b) if a < b then Min=a else Min=b end if End function %> <% ' WARNING : Custom changes to this file will be overwritten when you update. It's much better to simply add any modified lines to your vsadmin/includes.asp file xxManRev="This order needs to be manually reviewed by one of our operatives. We will be in contact shortly." xxShEsWi="Shipping Estimate Using" xxTranAp="This transaction has been approved." xxComOrd="For your security, please fill out the form below to complete your order." xxNoBack="Do not click the refresh or back button or this transaction may be interrupted or cancelled." xxCentl="Your card may be eligible or enrolled in Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or JCB J/Secure payer authentication programs. After clicking the ""Checkout"" button, your Card Issuer may prompt you for your payer authentication password to complete your purchase." xxVBV1="Same card, added safely online" xxVBV2="Verified by Visa is a new service that lets you shop online with added confidence." xxVBV3="Through a simple checkout process, verified by Visa confirms your identity when you make purchases in participating online stores. It's convenient and it works with your existing Visa card." xxVBV4="Plus, Verified by Visa is a snap to use. You register your card just once and create your own password. Then, when you make purchases at participating online stores, a Verified by Visa window will appear. Simply enter your password and click submit. Your identity is verified and the purchase is secure." xxVBV5="To activate Verified by Visa in your Visa card, or to learn more, contact the financial institution that issued your Visa card." xx3DSFai="Your financial institution has indicated that it could not successfully authenticate this transaction. To protect against unauthorized use, this card cannot be used to complete your purchase. You may complete the purchase by selecting another form of payment." xxPurcha="Purchasing" xxPurchd="Purchased" xxDigPro="Digital Products" xxDescr="Description" xxWhDoTo="What would you like to do today?" xxManAcc="Manage my account." xxVwPsOr="View past orders." xxCrGfRe="Create gift registry." xxVwGfRe="View gift registries." xxVwMyCa="View my cart." xxVwOrSt="View my order status." xxManAdd="Manage Addresses." xxGoShop="Go shopping." xxArVwLi="You are viewing the list" xxLogInA="Logged in as" xxVGifRe="View Gift Registries" xxRemLis="Remove From List" xxMovCar="Move to Cart" xxItmTot="Item Total" xxLisEmp="This list contains no items." xxViewMC="To view your main cart contents please" xxMyWisL="My Wish List" xxSwCart="Switch to Cart" xxCreaGR="Create Gift Registry" xxNotSel="You haven't selected any items." xxAddLis="Add To List" xxNoGRe="No gift registries have been created" xxPubAcc="Public Access" xxVieGRe="View Registry Items" xxDelGRe="Delete Gift Registry" xxLisNam="Gift Registry Name" xxGetSta="If you would like to get started browsing our store please" xxDelLis="Are you sure you want to delete this list?" xxLisCre="To create a new list, please" xxLisMan="Gift Registry Management" xxRecVie="Recently Viewed" xxUPStm="UPS, the UPS Shield Trademark, the UPS Ready Mark, the UPS OnLine Tools Mark and the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. 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(Please enter Authorization Number Below in Additional Info.)" xxCerCLo="Customer certifies shipping is to a commercial location." xxShiInI="Shipping insurance included." xxSatDeR="Saturday delivery required." xxSatDe2="Saturday Delivery" xxSatDel="Please check this box to have your products delivered on a Saturday." xxPPPBlu="Or Checkout with PayPal Express
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" xxCusDet="Customer Details" xxShpDet="Shipping Details" xxShpMet="Shipping Method" xxPrId="Product ID" xxPrNm="Product Name" xxUnitPr="Unit Price" xxOrdTot="Order Total" xxOrdStr="Order at your store" xxTnxOrd="Thank you for your order" xxTouSoo="We will be in touch as soon as possible about your order, the details of which are as follows:" xxAff1="Your affiliate link has just generated a sale totalling" xxAff2="Please note that this is for information only as commission is only paid on cleared funds." xxAff3="Affiliate partner sale" xxThnks="Thank You." xxThkYou="
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By checking the "inform me" option, you will receive an email notification every time your affiliate link generates a sale." xxInfMe="Inform me" xxAffLI="Login to your affiliate account" xxAffID="Affiliate ID" xxBack="Back to Account Details" xxNewAct="Open new affiliate account" xxGotAct="For those who already have an affiliate account." xxAffNo="Sorry, we could not find your affiliate login / password." xxPwd="Password" xxTotTod="Total so far today" xxTotYes="Total yesterday" xxTotMTD="Total month to date" xxTotLM="Total last month" xxEdtAff="Edit Affiliate Details" xxAffLI1="To set up your affiliate link, use any page with a .asp extension, for instance" xxAffLI2="Please note that these totals are only provisional. Commission will only be paid on cleared funds, and sometimes sales are "charged back"." xxAffLI3="The above totals are for sales generated, not commission due." xxEFNam="Your Name" xxEFEm="Your Email" xxEFFEm="Your Friends Email" xxEFCmt="Your Comments" xxClsWin="Close Window" xxEFBlr="Let your friends know all about the great deals that are on offer at this site. Just fill in the details below and click "Send"." xxSearch="Search" xxOrdId="Order ID" xxInAssc="In Association with" xxTnkStr="Thank You For Shopping at Our Store" xxTnkWit="Thank you for shopping with" xxMerRef="Merchant's Reference" xxPlsNt1="Please take note of the above information, and quote the" xxPlsNt2="if you need to contact our store for any reason." xxOrdNIs="Your order number is" xxClkBck="Please Click Here to Head Back to Our Store" ' Please make sure this line is the last line in this file %> <% 'This code is copyright (c) Internet Business Solutions SL, all rights reserved. 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ES Exhibition
June 5, 2006

The Emergency Services Show 2006, which takes place at The Royal Horticultural Halls, London from 19–20 October, will provide visitors and exhibitors with access to a host of primary and secondary responders, agencies, independent organizations and specialist equipment suppliers from all over the UK. With access to all the latest information under one roof, operational responders and key decision makers from all Category 1, 2 and other response organizations will have a critical opportunity to share new concepts, technologies and techniques to benefit and improve theirs and others’ planning and business operations. Organized by Emergency Services (MMC) Ltd, publisher of Emergency Services Times and its sister company magazine Fire Times, The Emergency Services Show 2006 will include a high profile conference and a wide range of exhibitor stands. For more information please visit www.theemergencyservicesshow.inf.

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Award for SDP
May 9, 2006

Keela is delighted to announce that they have recently been awarded by the APPSS(Association of Police & Public Security Suppliers) “High Commendation for Innovation”, for our unique, innovative System Dual Protection.

Award“We are obviously delighted with this award and the endorsement from such a prestigious establishment. Even more so, as to our knowledge, this is the first time an outdoor clothing company has received such an honor.”
Arlene Kidd, Marketing Manager

To be considered for this award, the criteria required, is that a product must have been used successfully by the Police Force for a minimum duration of 2 years.

Several years ago South Yorkshire Police had a problem with their wet weather clothing. Condensation formed in both wet and dry conditions and despite the jackets being expensive and claiming to have ‘breathability’, there were many complaints from the wearers. After having trialed our jackets using the SDP system, they have found exceptional wearer comfort in both wet and dry weather conditions and complaints have now changed to praise.

System Dual Protection (SDP) uses two layers of waterproof, breathable fabric with an air gap in between. It is therefore not only waterproof, windproof and breathable, but also has the ability to transport sweat away from the body, working in both wet and cold conditions to keep you dry and comfortable.

System Dual Protection is now used by Police Forces throughout the UK and is the preferred choice of many specialist units including Anti-terrorist, firearms, and dog sections etc…

Photo: Award Ceremony:
Lord Mackenzie presents Arlene Kidd (Keela) and Blane Young(S Yorkshire Police) with Award.

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Queens Award for Innovation
May 9, 2006

AwardFor over 30 years, The Ardmel Group, which includes Keela, has been at the forefront of global innovation in garment construction. In April 2006, Rube Fernando, Director, on behalf of the Ardmel Group, received the Queens award for Innovation. This was awarded in recognition of the technological advancement Ardmel has made in garment construction by using sewing and fusion solutions combined with adhesive technology. In particular, the latest project, the Advanced Construction Technology (ACT), which includes Ultrasonic cutting & sewing systems, Hot Presses and Lasers.

Photo: Christine May (MP) with Keela Team

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SCHOOL OPENING: Life After The Tsunami
March 14, 2006

The tsunami which hit Asia in the early hours of the morning on Boxing Day 2004 wiped out towns and communities, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and left millions devastated in its wake. 15 months on, Keela are able to share their success story, showing how a little can go a long way in helping towards rebuilding a community torn apart and providing hope for the future.

Thank you to donatorsEven before the true extent of the damage caused by the Asian tsunami became apparent, aid began pouring in. The world was shocked by such a tragic event and wanted to support those affected in any way possible. For the Ardmel Group including Keela, having close links with Sri Lanka meant an even greater desire to help out, and so the Ardmel/Keela Tsunami Appeal was launched.

The main aim of the Appeal was for a mid to long-term plan, helping a community to cope with the aftermath of the tsunami, even after the cameras had stopped rolling. Keela planned to be involved in all stages of this appeal from collecting, overseeing and organizing the building work. It was hoped that this would ensure aid was not wasted on unnecessary administration costs, and would enable contributors to see exactly where every penny had been spent. By dealing directly with Sri Lanka through their contacts, Keela was able to cut out much of the red tape and bureaucracy.

In the months following the tsunami Keela put a great deal of effort in to raising money through collections and charity events, with both staff and customers helping out. Local councils, Mountain Rescue Teams and schools also showed their generosity and within 12 months a staggering £80,000 had been raised. Every penny of the money collected was put into the Tsunami Appeal project and work on the first stage of building a new school was soon well underway.

After months of intensive organization and building work, and thanks to the tremendous efforts of all involved, the project finally became a reality with the completion of Midigama Primary School in Welligama on the 2nd March 2006. The original primary school was completely destroyed by the tsunami and so the pupils relocated to Midigama.

For children from the affected neighboring villages the new school will provide fantastic facilities and exciting new opportunities. Currently classrooms are bursting at the seams and pupils have to wait their turn for lessons due to shortages of space at Midigama. The new school has six large classrooms, a library, home economics room, computer room, toilet block and staff room.

By helping a small section of the community affected by the tragic events at the end of 2004, and providing a means of education for the local children to improve their outlook for the future, Ardmel have proved that a little can go a long way, and that working together can help make a difference in people’s lives. Charity at a grassroots level really does work!

 Fundraising and work for the Ardmel/Keela Tsunami Appeal will be ongoing, and Keela hope to continue with their success story long into the future.

For further information please contact Keela.

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Saraid Polar Challenge
March 7, 2006

Stefan Hopkins the Founder and Trustee of the International Disaster Response Team S.A.R.A.I.D. (Search And Rescue Assistance In Disasters) www.saraid.co.uk is attempting "The Toughest Race in the World" The 2006 Polar Challenge.

Distance: 350 miles
Temperature: - 40c
Time: Approx 14 days
A marathon every day,
Pulling a 16 stone sledge

He must be mad!!!!!

Last year alone, SARAID provided Rescue teams free of charge to Sri Lanka following the Tsunami and Pakistan following the earthquake in October.

We never know when the next disaster will strike so please be generous and support this wonderful British charity.

For further details on how to support Stefan contact:
Phone: 07721 618705
Fax: 01452 529988
Email: stefanhopkins@hotmail.com

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Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006

January 28-31, 2006
Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

It’s OR time again! We’ll be there with kilts on and we’d love to see you at the booth.

This season we’ll be showcasing our newest, most lightweight dual-protection jacket yet, the Cumulus. It’s streamlined features and fit for movement cut are sure to make this our next best-selling piece. Come see what all the buzz is about.

The Comparator, our ultimate portable breathability test will also be on-hand and in-action. Find out what it means to be Real Dry inside a waterproof jacket. Bring your own jacket to test against ours. You’ll win $ if your jacket comes out drier on the inside. Come write an order and finally outwit the Storm Within with our gear!

We’re proud to announce that our brand new website, keelausa.com, will be up for the show. Once you’re home you can review the line, place an order, enjoy some stunning backcountry photography and find out more about Keela, all from your desktop. We’re partnering with backcountry photographer Brandon Andre for the images on our website, and think you’ll find the gallery of his images a real treat.

You can find us at:

Booth #86 next to the Ballroom
Salt Palace Convention Center

Please contact for appointments and information.

You can also reach us at 510 526 4065

Hope to see you there!

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News from Headquarters: Scotland
TSUNAMI APPEAL UPDATE: Foundation Stone Ceremony
September 29, 2005

Sri Lanka girlOn September 15th, 2005 we laid the foundation stones for the new school we’re sponsoring in Weligama, southern Sri Lanka. Four stones representing each of the four corners of the building were put down on the allocated auspicious day and time, as is customary in Sri Lanka. This tradition is carried out before construction of all buildings and is strictly adhered to. It was an early start to the day with the first proceedings taking place at 6:30am.

First, the boundaries of the school walls were marked out. At 7:06am the first breaking of the earth took place in the digging of a trench to prepare the area for the foundation stones. At 10:07am the four corner stones were laid. The exact time for each event is significant and is specially chosen to bring good fortune to the site and the building. Our Director, Rube Fernando, and our Marketing Manager, Arlene Kidd, as well as Ranjani Fernando and the Superintendent of Police for the Weligama area each placed a foundation stone in the dugout. The Buddhist priest for the area was also present to bless the occasion and the site for the new school, and a plaque was unveiled to mark the occasion.

Rube and Arlene were then able to meet the teachers and pupils who will be attending the new school. Our cameras mesmerized the young students, as they had never seen digital images before. This resulted in some great photos!

The construction engineers estimate the completion of building by the end of December, putting the opening ceremony for the new school, Midigama Maddiya Maha Vidialava, in January 2006. It’s great to see that the project is well and truly underway, and should be complete within a year of the initial disaster.

Many thanks again to everyone who has donated to this appeal. A plaque acknowledging all contributors will be put up once the school has been completed. Fundraising will be ongoing to help with the general upkeep of the school, extra sports facilities, and the library.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress!

If you would like to help the Ardmel Tsunami Appeal with a donation of money or time, please contact the Keela sales Team at .

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News from Headquarters: Scotland
Oldham Mountain Rescue Team
November 9, 2005

Oldham Mountain Rescue Team helped raise almost £8500 for the Ardmel Tsunami Appeal after swapping hilly slopes for the top of a tower block.

rescue teamMembers of the Uppermill based team along with 64 friends and colleagues, took the plunge in a 200ft abseil down Rochdale Council’s offices. The money raised will go towards the cost of rebuilding a school in Weligama, Sri Lanka.

In picture Arlene Kidd, Angela Parker (from Keela) Mick Nield, Barry Pelmore, Denzil Broadhurst and Peter Hyde (from Oldham Mountain Rescue)


Team website is: http://www.omrt.or

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News from Headquarters: Scotland
December 3, 2005

Three kayakers have become the first Britons to complete the circumnavigation of South Georgia in the South Atlantic.

pete brayThe team included Nigel Dennis, 50, from Holyhead, Anglesey and Jeff Allen, 43, from Penryn, Cornwall.

Team-leader Pete Bray, 48, from Pembrokeshire, said he was "ecstatic" to be part of the first British team to have completed the trip. Team member Hadas Feldman, 34, is the first woman to complete the marathon.

The team made the 420-mile trip in 13 days, just three days longer than they had originally thought.

Ex-SAS soldier Pete Bray described the trip as the "ultimate" challenge.


The team used the trip to highlight the work of two different charities, Children in Crisis and Tŷ Hafan, a children's hospice near Cardiff.

Teams from the Royal Marines and New Zealand have tried and failed the challenge in the past.

Before the trip Mr. Bray said:"To climb Everest would be easier. It will be very tough - that is why it has never been done."

This record-breaking voyage is the latest in a string of adventures for Mr. Bray. In 2000 he set out on a solo, unsupported kayak trip from Newfoundland to the UK - but his tiny craft sank, and he was rescued after 33 hours in the freezing Atlantic.

He made a second, successful attempt in 2002 and became the first person to paddle solo and unsupported across the Atlantic.

He was awarded a Royal Humane Society medal for the rescue of a fellow crewmember on-board a boat that split in two during a storm last summer - 300 miles from their destination in Falmouth, Cornwall.

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News from Headquarters: Scotland
November 28, 2005

The circumnavigation of South Georgia remains one of the greatest sea kayaking challenges of the world. South Georgia lies in the ‘furious forties’, a latitude shared with Cape Horn, and has some of the fiercest sea conditions navigable by kayak. Two previous attempts, one in 1991 and the other 1996, both had to be abandoned due to appalling conditions. The south and most exposed coast remains un-paddled by any one.


campsiteNovember 25th & 26th

26-11-05 5426.2890S,3648.493W,0M

Today, November the 25th, head winds slowed our start. We were forced to shelter for a quick carb replenish amongst aggressive fur seals. We battled on, eventually making Homestrand by about 1600hrs, then having to spent the next two hours securing a place to camp on the beach. A fitful nights sleep amongst the grunts, growls and whines of the local population. With a background song of a baby fur seal with whooping cough.


We woke to heavy snow and an audience of penguins. Throughout the day we paddled down amazing coastline, full of mountain high glaciers and lands of icebergs - visited by only by those bold enough. God must have smiled upon us by granting us a few days of perfect weather. However, both Pete and Nigel could do without mr and misses next door moaning about who is cooking breakfast in the morning.


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News from Headquarters: Scotland
Keela The Superdog
April 7, 2005

keela dogOn November 23rd, 2004, the staff at Keela were preparing to greet some very special visitors. PC Martin Grime and PC John Ellis from the South Yorkshire Police were due to arrive, and as their entrance loomed the anticipation grew. However, for once the excitement was not caused by the thought of men in uniform, but knowing that the officers were bringing their sniffer dog team with them.

Eddie, a springer spaniel, and Frankie, a border collie, came along with new recruit ‘Keela’, a 10-month-old springer spaniel, and they were the center of attention all morning. Staff at Keela International were thrilled to see that the dogs were sporting their specially made Hi-Viz coats, part of the extensive Keela range produced for police forces nationwide, and the inspiration for the newest doggy sleuth’s name.

The dogs, which command £1,000 a day for their first class skills, have worked on high-profile murder cases throughout the country, helping solve crimes both recent, and up to 25 years old. They have been trained by the two officers to use their super strength noses to pinpoint even the tiniest microscopic speck of blood, which would be undetectable to the human eye. The dogs demonstrated their skills, searching for traces planted around the factory, and a reporter from the local newspaper even turned up to see what all the fuss was about.

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News from headquarters: Scotland
March 22, 2005

rubbleFunds raised by activities our Keela staff organized and from many kind donations from our customers will be going towards our £250,000 target to help rebuild Midigama Maddiya Maha Vidialava School. The school is situated 180km from the capital city of Colombo in a town called Weligama, one of the poorest areas of the southern province of Sri Lanka. Before the disaster it accommodated 800 pupils, but now needs to be rebuilt and extended to make room for 150 new pupils relocated from Denuwala Kaniska Vidialaya School. Due to Government ruling, schools situated less than 300mtrs from the coast will not be granted permission for reconstruction, meaning Denuwala Kaniska Vidialaya’s former pupils will be joining schools like Midigama Maddiya Maha Vidialava, and are in desperate need of our help.

We still have a lot of work to do in order to meet our target, and any help is greatly appreciated. A local architect has very kindly offered to draw up the new plans for us free of charge, and rebuilding work will commence at the end of March. There will be a donator’s board presented to the school on completion, which will include the names of all the individuals and organizations that have contributed to the project. Donators are welcome to visit the school both during the reconstruction process and after completion.

For further details on this, or for information on how you can help the project, please contact Keela or the Ardmel Group directly, or visit website: www.ardmeltsunamiproject.co.uk

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